Kubota M9000 Filter Cross Reference Database

The Kubota M9000 is one of the most reliable tractors ever made. The 90hp V3300 engine is capable of thousands of hours of reliable service with proper routine maintenance. The last model year of the M9000 was 2005, just before all the finicky emissions control systems were forced on the industry. These tractors are simple … Read more

Kubota B26 Backhoe Filter Cross Reference Database

Kubota B26 Backhoe Filters

The Kubota B26 backhoe is a workhorse designed to take a beating. This is one of Kubota’s most popular industrial machines, and is a favorite on jobsites all across the country. The B26 has been made since 2007 and hasn’t seen many changes in this long run, which is pretty remarkable. There may be more … Read more

Kubota BX2370 Filter Cross Reference Data

When it comes to maintaining your Kubota BX2370 tractor, proper filtration is key to ensuring optimal performance and longevity. While OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filters are readily available, many tractor owners opt for aftermarket filters as cost-effective alternatives. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of aftermarket filters and cross-reference them with their OEM counterparts … Read more

Who Really Makes Kubota Oil? Ashland/Valvoline (for now)

Who makes Kubota Oil?

For years the question of “Who really makes Kubota branded oil?” has been asked on different forums and discussion boards. Before we get further, if you weren’t aware Kubota doesn’t make their own oil. Deere or Case or CAT don’t either. There’s never much of a consensus reached on these discussions. Usually it comes down … Read more

Kubota BX1880 Filter Cross Reference Info

BX1880 Filter Cross Reference

The Kubota BX1880 sub-compact utility tractor packs a ton of versatility into a small package. Whether you use your Kubota for mowing, moving snow, or hauling dirt, if you want it to keep working it needs to be routinely serviced. Even if you don’t put enough yearly hours on your tractor to hit the service … Read more

Kubota L3902HST Filter Cross Reference Info

Kubota L3902HST Filter Cross Reference

Although this article is titled for the L3902HST, the information also applies to the L3902. The only difference is the L3902 takes slightly more transmission fluid and obviously doesn’t use the HST filter. This is one of Kubota’s newest machines, and some parts and filters are challenging to find aftermarket options for, like the air … Read more

Kubota BX2680 Filter Cross Reference Info

Kubota BX2680 Oil filter cross reference

The Kubota BX2680 is the big brother to the BX2380. It has the larger Kubota D1005 24.8hp 3 cylinder diesel engine. The added power in a similar size wheelbase makes this one of the most versatile sub compact tractors on the market. Kubota has made this new generation of BX tractors very easy to maintain. … Read more

Kubota L3130 Filter Cross Reference Info

Kubota L3130 Filter Cross Reference

Last updated: 10/21/2022 The Kubota L3130 was manufactured by Kubota from 2002-2007 and is one of Kubota’s most reliable tractors of all time. This 31hp machine is powered by the Kubota D1503 3 cylinder diesel engine. This guide will provide the Kubota L3130 filter cross reference information necessary to find aftermarket filters for your tractor. … Read more