John Deere 3025E Oil Filter Cross Reference Info

Last updated: 9/27/2022 The John Deere 3025E is a very popular 25hp compact tractor. Designed to be a direct competitor to the (also popular) Kubota L2501, this is an extremely capable machine excelling at loader work. The twin pedal transmission makes scooping and pushing easy. John Deere first started manufacturing this tractor in 2017. Just like most all John Deere compact tractors, the 3025E is equipped with an ultra reliable 1.6L 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. John Deere 3025e filter cross reference charts can be difficult to find, so we hope you find this information useful.

John Deere 3025E Oil Filter Cross Reference

The filters used on this machine haven’t changed between model years, so the following John Deere 3025E oil filter cross reference information is valid across all model years of the tractor. Like any major tractor manufacturer in the US, John Deere does not make their own filters. A John Deere filter is made by one of the major filter manufacturers and stamped with a John Deere logo. Using high quality aftermarket filters is a great way to save some money on filter maintenance. That being said, if you are doing a total filter overhaul, the John Deere filter packs are usually a pretty good value as well. They can often be cheaper than purchasing filters individually. More on that below.

John Deere 3025E Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM M806419 (John Deere Original Equipment Oil Filter M806419) crosses to:

The oil capacity of the John Deere 3025E is 1.1 gallons of 15w40. The consensus best oil to use in these Yanmar diesels is Rotella T6 full synthetic, which has higher wear specs than standard John Deere Plus 50. John Deere oil isn’t a bad choice either, but it’s often more expensive than T6 at a slightly lower spec. Either one, if changed every 200 hours (or yearly), are a great choice. John Deere actually makes a package that includes the M806419 filter and Plus 50 oil that is a pretty good value. Links to compatible Rotella T6 and John Deere Plus 50 are provided below:

John Deere 3025E Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours):

OEM LVA14703 (John Deere Original Equipment Hydraulic Filter LVA14703) crosses to:

Hydraulic oil capacity: 5.5 gallons, Check Price: John Deere 1 Gallon Hy-Gard Transmission & Hydraulic Oil

John Deere 3025E Transmission Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours):

OEM LVA16054 (John Deere Original Hydraulic Filter LVA16054 on Amazon) crosses to:

  • Unfortunately, there is currently no aftermarket transmission filter available.

John Deere 3025E Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours):

OEM M131802 (John Deere M131802 on Amazon) crosses to:

John Deere 3025E Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours or annually):

OEM M811032 (John Deere Original Equipment Fuel Filter M811032) crosses to:

  • Unfortunately, there is currently no aftermarket fuel filter available.

John Deere 3025E Full Filter Kit LVA21128 (Check Price on John Deere Full Filter Kit LVA21128)

Like mentioned at the beginning of this guide, John Deere makes a full filter kit for the 3025E. Doing a full filter change using this kit is actually pretty affordable. Here’s the kit:

These John Deere 3025E filter cross reference lists do not include every single filter that is a possible cross to the JD OEM filters, there are dozens more that will likely fit. We chose filters that were high quality, reasonably priced, and widely available. Unfortunately there are 2 filters for the 3025E that don’t have any aftermarket crosses, so OEM is the only way to go on those. I hope this John Deere 3025E oil filter cross reference info was helpful while maintaining your tractor. If you change the filters at the correct hour interval and use a high quality oil, your machine will pay you back with many hours of productive use.

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  1. This is the info I’ve been looking for in a single place — Thanks. I have a 2020 model, with only 40-hrs. so far, but I’m planning to give he all the best treatment! This really helps. As an aside, I wish that I’d bought a claw attachment instead of a bucket…at least for now. But that’s another story.

  2. I have a 3025E with just over 200 hours and it’s time for a service. So glad I found this information. Should save me some money and it’s already saved me time looking up each part individually.


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