John Deere Lawn Tractor Filter Cross Reference

Last updated 10/20/21 Whether you call it a John Deere lawn tractor or a lawn mower, there’s no question that keeping up on basic maintenance is the best way to reduce downtime and avoid costly repairs. When properly maintained, John Deere lawn tractors are just about as reliable as they come, and is likely a large part of why you bought a JD compared to another brand. Use the table of contents below to navigate to your particular model and the cross reference information we have available for it. Keep in mind this massive database is a work in progress, we will constantly be adding more John Deere models and cross references as time all allows.

Table of Contents

    This guide will go through John Deere filter cross references and John Deere lawn tractor parts breakdowns for most of the popular mower models. By buying lawn tractor filters or parts online, you can save a ton of money over dealer markups. Hit the “check price” button next to any of the cross reference part numbers to check the Amazon price for the part. The truth is, John Deere doesn’t manufacture their own filters. They pay companies like Fleetguard, Champion and Donaldson to make filters with a Deere logo on them. Long story short, buy into the hype that you must use OEM John Deere filters or parts. Many times you can get a higher performance part for less money, especially when it comes to mower blades.

    John Deere E Series Lawn Tractors

    John Deere E100

    John Deere E110

    John Deere E120

    • John Deere E120 Oil Filter Cross Reference
      • OEM John Deere AUC12916 crosses to:
        • None, proprietary Easy Change system
    • John Deere E120 Fuel Filter Cross Reference
    • John Deere E120 Air Filter Cross Reference
    • John Deere Yearly Maintenance Kit
      • AUC13705 (Includes all John Deere filters and Oil, John Deere Quick Change Kit) Check Price
    • John Deere E120 Replacement Parts
      • John Deere E120 Drive Belt
      • John Deere E120 Deck Belt
      • John Deere E120 Mower Blades
        • OEM GX22151 Check Price
        • Best Mulching Blades: Rotary Copperhead Blade Set (42″ Deck) Check Price
        • Best Standard Blades: MaxPower 561811B Blade Set (42″ Deck) Check Price

    John Deere E130

    John Deere E140

    John Deere E150

    John Deere E160

    John Deere E170

    John Deere E180

    John Deere X Series Lawn Tractors

    John Deere X330

    John Deere X350

    John Deere X370

    • John Deere X370 Oil Filter Cross Reference
    • John Deere X370 Transmission Filter
    • John Deere X370 Fuel Filter Cross Reference
    • John Deere X370 Air Filter Cross Reference
    • John Deere Yearly Maintenance Kit
      • LG265 (Includes all John Deere filters (Except Transmission Filter) and Oil) Check Price
    • John Deere X370 Oil Type and Capacity
      • 1.8 quarts of 10w30
    • John Deere X370 Replacement Parts
    • John Deere X370 Mower Blades
      • OEM M170639 Check Price
      • Best Aftermarket X370 Blades: MowerPartsGroup Aftermarket X370 42″ Blade Set Check Price

    John Deere X380

    John Deere X390

    John Deere D Series Lawn Tractors

    John Deere D100

    John Deere D105

    John Deere D110

    John Deere D120

    John Deere D130

    Coming Soon

    John Deere D140

    Coming Soon

    John Deere D150

    Coming Soon

    John Deere D160

    Coming Soon

    John Deere D170

    Coming Soon

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