John Deere Oil Filter Cross Reference Database

Last updated 10/3/23 Have you ever been frustrated trying to copy, paste, or write down long John Deere part numbers for tractor oil filters so you can cross reference them? Often times you will paste that part number into multiple websites only to find that the aftermarket equivalent is out of stock or superseded, leading to another search. Here’s a few tips to save some time AND money.

Top 6 Tips and Secrets for finding cheaper filters for your tractor


6. Check Amazon’s Filter Search Page

Amazon’s John Deere Filter Search Page

This may seem weird at first but hear me out. Amazon has everything under the sun, including OEM John Deere oil and air filters as well as quality aftermarket filters. To test this I tried searched for a filter most John Deere dealers don’t even stock, an expensive activated carbon air filter, the part number is RE199682. From my dealer this is $200 plus a longer shipping delay. Amazon’s price? $50 less. Simply searching for the filter part number on Amazon is one of the best ways to save money on filters. They won’t always have it, but more often than not the do. Type your filter number in the search bar and check their massive filter database.

5.Use John Deere’s Filter Checklist Printouts

You can find a really handy filter checklist for any tractor on John Deere’s website, here’s a link John Deere Filter Checklist Database. Just scroll down to your category of tractor and find its filter checklist.  These checklists are really helpful to have a complete list when you are cross referencing another brand. You can even print off one of these checklists and take it to a place like NAPA and they can cross reference the filters for you.

4. Search Ebay’s Tractor Parts Category For Great Deals

Take your filter number and type or paste it into the search bar on eBay. Just for a test I typed in DZ101880 (the part number for an 8000 series oil filter) and I found an OEM (new in box) filter for 25% less than John Deere’s price, plus free expedited shipping.  Sometimes you can find filters being sold on Ebay by businesses that are going out of business for 75% off or more. The selection isn’t quite as good as Amazon but the prices tend to be a bit cheaper on eBay. The downside is shipping tends to be a bit slower.

3. Buy Your Filters From

You may have never heard of Zoro but you have likely heard of Grainger.  Historically, Grainger has always catered to large corporations.  Zoro is a division of Grainger that they created to cater to the consumer market.  The inventory is largely the same as Grainger, but with much cheaper prices.  

Zoro has well over 10,000 different Baldwin and Wix filters at the absolute lowest prices you will find ANYWHERE. You can save a ton of money by taking your John Deere filter cross references to their filter pages. The downside is their site isn’t sophisticated enough to do any cross referencing, so you will need to take the WIX or Baldwin part number you get from our site to their site. They also have the best prices you can find on tools or parts. Although Zoro is getting to be more of a household name, they are still trying to get the word out.

2.  Buy Filters During “Filter Days” Sales

Nearly all filter retailers have special sales days for filters.  Both NAPA and John Deere both have “Filter Days” events a few times a year where filters are heavily discounted.  It takes a little planning but buying all of your filters during these sales can save a TON of money.

1.  Buy in Bulk

If you are buying filters through an online retailer like Fleet Filter you will see the bulk discounts can be huge.  Often several tractors will use the same filters, and buying filters 6 or more at a time can save at least 25%.

I find that having multiple filters on hand means I am more likely to change them when I should.  Sometimes it gets put off because of not wanting to make a trip to the store or dealership, or waiting on shipping from buying filters online.

Our Most Popular Tractor Filter Cross Reference Databases:

  1. John Deere 1025R Cross Reference Database
  2. Kubota L3901 and L3301 Cross Reference Database
  3. Kubota L2501 Cross Reference Database
  4. Kubota M7060 Cross Reference Database
  5. John Deere 5075E Cross Reference Database

Sample John Deere Filter Breakdown List

For years I asked myself; “Why is there not a site that I can use to look up a tractors model number and see the OEM filter numbers, along with the cross referenced aftermarket filter part numbers?” I couldn’t ever find a site like this, so I decided to create one.

If you search for ” John Deere oil filter cross reference ” you will see some links to John Deere websites, a Fram filter cross reference page, and one random cross reference page for a lawn mower filter.  This isn’t exactly helpful.

The John Deere AM125424 oil filter is without a doubt the most widely used oil filter in John Deere’s fleet of riding lawn mowers. There is a really good chance if you are looking for a John Deere lawn mower oil filter the AM125424 is the one you are looking for. This filter is used on popular mowers like the D105 and D110 or the E100 and E110 or even the X165.  Basically if your mower was made within the last 25 years and has a 15-20hp motor it uses the AM125424.  So why is it so hard to find information like this?  You will have to check prices on the links below, you will see the wide variation in price between different brands of filters that are all essentially the same:

AM125424 Filter Cross Data:

OEM John Deere Filter AM125424:

Compatible FRAM PH8170:

Compatible Briggs & Stratton 492932S: 

Compatible WIX 57035: 

Compatible Stens 120-523: 

Here’s an example of our filter guides for a John Deere 1025R: 

Here’s how to use our John Deere oil filter cross reference database:

  1. Navigate to your specific model of tractor through our website, you can use our search bar to quickly locate your model number
  2. In this example we will look up a popular John Deere garden tractor, the D105 (17.5hp). We use the search bar located on this website to look up “John Deere D105 oil filter”.
  3. The first result will be a page containing all the filter information for the D105, including fuel and air as well as oil
  4. Using this page we can quickly cross reference John Deere filter part numbers and see that there are a variety of aftermarket filters for this machine
  5. The chart shows that the stock John Deere oil filter is AM125424. This filter is about $14 from several stores at the time of posting. We can also see that the WIX 51056 or NAPA 1056 is a direct match for the John Deere oil filter, and is selling for around $7.
  6. Air and fuel filters are also on the chart, the John Deere air filter part number is GY21435. We see that there are many cross references for this filter like the Briggs & Stratton 102-012 available for the D105.

This is just an example of how you can use our John Deere oil filter cross reference charts to find filters that fit your specific machine.

6 thoughts on “John Deere Oil Filter Cross Reference Database”

  1. Dear sir,

    Please send us your best price for the listed items in the box below
    Including your lead time to Nigeria


    1 RE60021 Fuel filter:
    Make (John Deere) 10
    26561117 Fuel filter
    Make (John Deere) 10

    • We don’t actually sell filters, we just provide cross references for them. I ran some cross references for the two filters you listed and came up with some matching filters that you might find easier in your country.

      For the RE60021, these filters match:
      FLEETGUARD FS19573
      Fram PS7407A
      MANN WK8118

      For the 26561117, these filters match:
      Fram C1191A
      MANN P917

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hey
    Can you help me find cross reference for my John Deere 6150m air filter
    Secondary AL215054
    Like to know the secondary cross reference number
    Primary Al215053- Donaldson P789375

    • That’s a tricky one, the only cross I can find is a HIFI Filter that’s part number SA16774. Hifi filters are generally inconsistent in quality so I would recommend sticking with the OEM John Deere filters in this case.

  3. Hello, I am having trouble in finding, oil and fuel filters for deere engine,could anyone help oil Dz101381. Fuel diesel Ar86745. Thanks


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