Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX EPS Filter Cross Reference Info

Kawasaki has been perfecting the rugged Mule for years, as one of the pioneers of the UTV industry. One of their latest models, the Mule Pro-MX EPS packs a ton of features into a bit smaller wheelbase than the standard Mule. The electric power steering and beefy suspension combines to make this machine handle extremely well on rough terrain, even while hauling. The 695cc 4 stroke engine puts out a respectable 45 horsepower and is surprisingly easy to work on, especially compared to other UTV’s in this size class. Below you will find the Mule Pro MX EPS filter cross reference part numbers to make finding aftermarket filters a bit less of a headache.

Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX EPS Filter Cross

Mule Pro-MX EPS Oil Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM Kawasaki Oil Filter #: 16097-0007 Check Price

Aftermarket Oil Filter Matches:

Engine Oil Capacity of Mule Pro-MX EPS: 4.4 qts with filter change

We recommend using a high quality full synthetic 10w40 4-cycle oil in your Pro-MX. Many Kawasaki dealerships are still selling the KPO Semi Synthetic oil (just a fancy way of saying synthetic blend) for the same price as a high quality fully synthetic oil. This engine isn’t picky at all on different brands of oil, but we highly recommend a full synthetic. Royal Purple Max Cycle Full Synthetic 10w40 (Check Price) and Castrol Power 1 Full Synthetic 10w40 (Check Price) are both great options and two of the highest rated UTV oils on the market.

Mule Pro-MX EPS Air Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

Note: If you remove the plastic off the top cover of the OEM air filter you will find it’s a Donaldson P821575

OEM Kawasaki Air Filter #: 11013-Y005 Check Price

Aftermarket Air Filter Matches:

Mule Pro-MX EPS Fuel Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

Note: Fuel Filter/Strainer is located under fuel pump, somewhat difficult to access

OEM Kawasaki Fuel Filter #: 49019-0013 Check Price

Aftermarket Fuel Filter Matches:

Mule Pro-MX EPS OEM Kawasaki Filter and Oil Change Full Kit on Amazon

Purchasing an OEM filter and oil change kit isn’t going to be as economical as aftermarket filters but is a convenient option to have. The kit comes with an oil filter, air filter and 5 quarts of Kawasaki synthetic blend 10w40 engine oil. If you don’t mind paying a bit more to have the convenience of a single order, then this is a good option for you.

Mule Pro-MX EPS Accessories



We hope this guide has provided you with the Kawasaki Mule Pro MX filter cross references necessary to affordably maintain your UTV. Kawasaki Mules are known for being rugged workhorses, and changing the oil and filters regularly will ensure your machine runs well for years. It is important to note that you should only go off hours, not miles, when deciding if a filter change is required. Thanks for reading and supporting our site!

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