Kubota B7100 Oil Filter Cross Reference Info

Last updated: 9/27/2022 The Kubota B7100 and B7100HST were some of the most popular utility tractors of their time, manufactured from 1976 all the way to 1997. They used the same D750-A 3 cylinder diesel engine for all 21 years of production, which makes it easy to find filters. This guide will provide Kubota B7100 oil filter cross reference information as well as air and fuel filter cross references. Purchasing aftermarket filters is a great way to save money without sacrificing performance. Since Kubota doesn’t manufacture their own filters, even Kubota filters are rebranded aftermarket filters. Fleetguard and Donaldson are most commonly the manufacturer of Kubota filters.

Kubota B7100 Filter Cross References

Engine Oil Filter:

OEM Kubota Part # HH150-32094 (Kubota HH150-32094 Oil Filter on Amazon) Crosses to:

Kubota recommendeds 4.0 quarts of 10w30 oil in the B7100 and B7100 HST. As always, Royal Purple is the highest quality diesel oil available (check out the reviews: Royal Purple 51130 SAE 10W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil – 5 qt.), but it is slightly more expensive. A cheaper option that is highly recommended by Kubota owners is Rotella T5 Synthetic blend: Shell Rotella T5 10W-30 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon)

Recommended Hydraulic Fluid: OEM Kubоtа Super Udt2 Trans-Hydraulic Fluid One Gallon

Air Filter:

OEM Kubota Air Filter # 70000-11221 (Kubota 70000-11221 Air Filter on Amazon) crosses to:

Fuel Filter:

OEM Kubota Fuel Filter # 1T021-43560 (KUBOTA OEM 1T021-43560 on Amazon) or 15231-43560 crosses to:

Kubota B7100 OEM Full Filter and Oil Kit (Check Price)

If you are looking for an easy way to get all your Kubota B7100 filters and oil in one package, Kubota makes a full maintenance kit that is a pretty good value. These kits are perfect for end or beginning of season maintenance when you need to change all the filters at the same time. Here’s the best price we could find on the Kubota brand kit: OEM Kubota B7100 Full Filter and Oil Kit

Remember to buy several of each filter, because having extra filters on hand makes it tougher to make an excuse to put off changing them when you should. As you can see from the above lists, you don’t have to buy Kubota brand filters for your B7100. WIX, Baldwin and NAPA filters are identical in performance to OEM Kubota products, and cheaper. Fram is slightly inferior to OEM but still perfectly adequate. We hope this guide provided enough Kubota B7100 oil filter cross reference information to help you keep your tractor running for years to come. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  1. Been looking for some WIX cross reference numbers and stumbled on to this. I have run the Fram PH3593A oil filter on my B7100HST as well.

  2. Thanks for pulling this list together. It is super helpful to see the options I have and see that I can find everything I need TODAY at my local auto parts store for my Kubota B7100HST.


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