Kubota L3902HST Filter Cross Reference Info

Although this article is titled for the L3902HST, the information also applies to the L3902. The only difference is the L3902 takes slightly more transmission fluid and obviously doesn’t use the HST filter. This is one of Kubota’s newest machines, and some parts and filters are challenging to find aftermarket options for, like the air filter. The air filter is on a 1000 hour change interval so it’s safe to blow out the OEM filter until that point. The rest of the filters are on 400 hour intervals according to Kubota. We recommend an annual change even if you haven’t hit that 400 hour mark. It’s relatively cheap and easy insurance. Here is our L3902HST filter cross reference information:

Kubota L3902HST Filter Cross Reference

Kubota L3902HST Oil Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM Kubota Oil Filter #: HH164-32430 (Check Price)

Aftermarket Oil Filter Matches:

L3902 and L3902HST Engine Oil Capacity: 7.1qts of 10w30 or 15w40

Either of these two weights of oil are approved for use in this tractor. Rotella T6 is a great alternative to Kubota oil and one that many Kubota owners have been using for years with outstanding reliability. You have many choices of oil but on this tractor we recommend either the full synthetic T6 or sticking with the Kubota branded oil. Here’s a couple links to some deals on both, in gallon jugs: Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon, Case of 3) and Kubota 1 Gallon Genuine OEM SAE 15W-40 Engine Oil 

Kubota L3902HST Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM Kubota Hydraulic Filter#: HH3A0-82623 (Check Price) supersedes TC422-82620

Aftermarket Hydraulic Filter Matches:

Kubota L3902HST Transmission (HST) Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM Kubota HST Filter#: HHK70-14073 (Check Price)

Aftermarket HST Filter Matches:

L3902 Transmission Case Capacity: 7.5gal of Super UDT-2

L3902HST Transmission Case Capacity: 6.9gal of Super UDT-2

Check Price: Kubota Genuine Tractor 2.5 Gallon UDT2 Transmission Hydraulic Oil

Kubota L3902HST Air Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM Kubota Air Filter#: TC820-93230

Aftermarket Air Filter Matches:

  • None currently on the market

Kubota L3902HST Fuel Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM Kubota Fuel Filter#: HH1J1-43172 (Check Price)

Aftermarket Fuel Filter Matches:

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