Kubota M9000 Filter Cross Reference Database

The Kubota M9000 is one of the most reliable tractors ever made. The 90hp V3300 engine is capable of thousands of hours of reliable service with proper routine maintenance. The last model year of the M9000 was 2005, just before all the finicky emissions control systems were forced on the industry. These tractors are simple to maintain yourself, and you can save a bunch of money by using aftermarket filters. There isn’t a tractor manufacturer out there that makes their own filters, all OEM filters are made by the very filter manufacturers that are considered “aftermarket” brands. Kind of backwards isn’t it? This Kubota M9000 filter cross reference database makes it quick and easy to find affordable replacement filters for your tractor.

Kubota M9000 Engine Oil Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM : Kubota Engine Oil Filter#: HH1C0-32430 (Check Price)

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Engine Oil Capacity of Kubota M9000: 11.3qts or 2.85 gal of 15w40

Note: Old recs may specify 10w30, which is fine too but has a narrower temperature window. Newer synthetic 15w40 viscosities work well in all temperatures except very extreme cold You don’t need to use expensive Kubota oil in your M9000. These V3300 engines are tanks, and not picky on oil at all. That’s not to say Kubota oil is a bad choice, it definitely isn’t. It’s just extremely expensive and completely unnecessary. Using a high quality synthetic oil like Rotella T6 or Mobil Delvac is significantly cheaper and will perform every bit as good. But if you just want to stick with Kubota branded oil (which is actually Valvoline oil) that’s totally fine as well. Just don’t let anyone tell you that you have to. Here’s a couple deals on compatible oil in bulk:

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon, Case of 3)

Kubota 1 Gallon Genuine OEM SAE 15W-40 Engine Oil 70000-10001

Kubota M9000 Outer Air Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM: Kubota Outer Air Filter #: 59700-26112

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Kubota M9000 Inner Air Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM: Kubota Inner Air Filter #: 55231-26150

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Kubota M9000 Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers (Uses 2 Filters)

OEM: Kubota Hydraulic Filter #: HH33082630 or 33960-38380

Aftermarket filter part numbers (uses 2 filters):

Recommended hydraulic fluid: Kubota Super UDT-2

Kubota M9000 Fuel Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM: Kubota Fuel Filter #: 16631-43560 (Check Price)

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Kubota M9000 Filter Kits

CFKIT Maintenance Filter Kit for Kubota M9000 ME9000 Tractors w/ V3300-TIE Eng.

HERO Maintenance Filter Kit For Kubota M9000 Tractor Filters Compatible With OEM

Both of these Kubota M9000 filter kits are an exceptional value versus buying filters individually. The Cross Filters kit (CFKit) is the tried and true reliable filter kit brand, while the Hero kit is a newcomer to this market. To be fully transparent, we don’t have any experience with these new Hero kits, but we have heard good things about them and their kits look pretty promising, especially pricing. It looks like their kits are heavy on WIX filters, while CFKit tends to be more of a mix of Baldwin, Donaldson, WIX and Fleetguard. Both kits use the WIX 57098 for the two hydraulic filters, which is a great choice. Please let us know in the comments with any feedback on the Hero kit if you decide to go that route.

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