Mahindra 1626 & 1526 Oil Filter Cross Reference Info

Last updated 10/6/2023 The Mahindra 1526 and the newer Mahindra 1626 are rock solid utility tractors that compete directly with the Kubota L2501. Mahindra is taking a bite out of Kubota’s market share with these versatile tractors. With a higher lifting capacity and an outstanding 7 year powertrain warranty, there is a lot to like about these machines. The 1526 and 1626 are very similar tractors, both using the reliable 3-cylinder Mitsubishi S3L2 29.5hp engine. Because they use the same engine and powertrain, Mahindra 1526 filter cross reference numbers are exactly the same as Mahindra 1626 filter cross reference information, so this article applies to both tractors.

Mahindra 1526 Oil Filter Cross Reference.

This information applies to the Mahindra 1526 and 1626 hydrostatic (HST models) as well as the gear transmission models. If you have a geared transmission simply ignore the hydrostat filter. It’s important to note that this Mahindra 1526 oil filter cross reference information does not list every possible filter that fits. We picked out a few of the most common and proven reliable filters that are direct matches for the OEM Mahindra filters. The Mitsubishi engines in these tractors are really easy to work on and will run for thousands of hours with proper maintenance. The single best thing you can do for your tractor is use a high quality oil and change it and the filter at regular intervals. This small investment will pay off by keeping your tractor running for years to come.

Mahindra 1526/1626 Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM Mahindra Oil Filter Part #: MAM0117 (Check Price) crosses to:

There are several choices for oil filters and oil for your tractor. A common question we hear is “who makes Mahindra oil?” Just like all the other tractor manufacturers, Mahindra doesn’t make their own oil. They have the big lube oil companies make it for them and put a Mahindra label on the jug. I’ve heard rumors that Chevron is currently manufacturing their oil, but that might have changed depending on how long the contract was for.

The point is, if you are using a high quality synthetic or synthetic blend (no matter the brand) you are using an oil equal to or better than Mahindra branded oil. There’s no reason to pay a premium for their oil when you can get a much higher spec oil like Rotella T6 Full Synthetic for around the same price. Mahindra recommends 15w40 oil in the 1526 and 1626 for everyday use, and 10w30 for winter use. The oil capacity of the 1526 and 1626 is 4.4 quarts. We recommend either using Rotella T5, a high quality synthetic blend, or upgrading to T6 full synthetic for even more protection. If you tend to stretch more hours between oil changes, a full synthetic will allow you to do that better than a blend, and much safer than a conventional oil. It will cost you a bit more money to run full synthetic. But if that means your tractor runs several more years, the cost is well worth it.

Rotella T5 (3 gallons):

Rotella T6 (3 gallons):

Mahindra 1526/1626 Outer Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours or annually):

OEM Mahindra Air Filter Part #: 10400511200 crosses to:

Mahindra 1526/1626 Inner Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours or annually):

OEM Mahindra Air Filter Part #: 19690531100 crosses to:

Mahindra 1526/1626 Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM Mahindra Fuel Filter Part #: 31A6200317 crosses to:

Mahindra 1526/1626 Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours or annually):

OEM Mahindra Hydraulic Filter Part #: 19642509000 crosses to:

Mahindra 1526/1626 Hydrostat HST Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours or annually):

OEM Mahindra HST Filter Part #: 19682581000 crosses to:

We hope this article provides you with the Mahindra 1526 oil filter cross reference information you need to save money and find aftermarket filters easily. Keeping up on regular maintenance like changing fluids and filters will keep the engine on your tractor running for years. The brand of the filter you choose makes far less of a difference than simply changing them at the right time. There isn’t an abundance of information online about filter cross references for these machines. Please leave a comment if you found this information useful or have a any suggestions. Thanks for reading and supporting our site!

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