Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Filter Cross Reference Info

The Mahindra EMAX 20S HST is one of the most versatile sub compact tractors on the market today. Mahindra has taken a significant bite out of John Deere and Kubota’s market share in the sub compact tractors market with this machine. The variety of attachments and simple no-tool connections of those attachments set this tractor apart from the competition. Just like the Deere machines in this class, Mahindra uses the ultra reliable 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, putting out about 20hp. This is an easy engine to work on but a difficult one to find filters for. This article will provide you with the hard to find EMAX 20S HST filter cross reference part numbers needed to find filters for your tractor. There’s nothing wrong with buying OEM filters or oil, but since Mahindra filters are just rebranded aftermarket filters, you can save quite a bit of money going aftermarket.

Mahindra EMAX 20S Filters

Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Engine Oil Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM : Mahindra Engine Oil Filter#: 11930535151 (Check Price)

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Engine Oil Capacity: 3.6qts of 15w40

Recommended Engine Oil: Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon, Case of 3)

Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Air Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM: Mahindra Outer Air Filter #: 11201032020

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Cartridge Fuel Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM: Mahindra Fuel Filter #: 11981055650 (Check Price)

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Transmission/HST Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers

OEM: Mahindra HST Filter #: 11102303100 (Check Price)

Aftermarket filter part numbers:

Mahindra EMAX 20S Full Filter Kit:

This filter kit contains all the aftermarket filters listed above as well as the metal fuel strainer if you want to replace that as well. This is a convenient way to get all the filters you need to do a complete overhaul in one box. The filters included are a mix of WIX, Baldwin, Fleetguard and Hifi. Since Hifi is the only company to make the HST filter, it’s about 100% certain that Hifi is actually the manufacturer of the OEM EMAX 20S filter. CFKits are a great value and have very good reviews for quality and compatibility.

Mahindra EMAX 20S HST Tire Chains

The EMAX 20S comes standard with 26×12-12 rear tires, so unless you have replaced them with another size, this is the size of tire chains needed. Many owners use the loader to move snow, and a good set of tire chains turns this tractor into a great snow moving machine. We recommend using TerraGrips if you are working mainly on cement, they don’t tear up the pavement like traditional tire chains. Here’s a few chains we recommend that work well with the EMAX 20S:

The ROP Shop 26×12-12 HF983-1754417026 (1 Pair)

TerraGrips Tire Chains (26×12-12) [ST90011] (1 Pair)

There are a ton of filters out there that may claim to be cross references to the OEM filters on your EMAX 20S. It’s important to remember that just because a filter fits on the threads on your machine, it might not be the best choice. Chinese manufacturers have begun to copy filters and advertise dirt cheap filter replacements. Some of these filters are probably fine, but many of them are definitely not. There are countless stories online of these no brand filters having relief valves stuck open or filter media coming apart. The filters we list here are all from high quality reputable brands that we trust. Saving a few bucks on a filter and risking a total engine replacement just isn’t worth it. We hope the Mahindra EMAX 20S HST filter cross reference charts in this article make routine maintenance a little easier.

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