Kubota KX080-4 Filter Cross Reference Info

The Kubota KX080-4 is the biggest and most powerful compact excavator made by Kubota. With best in class digging power and ultra smooth controls, it’s not surprising that Kubota is taking over a major share of the compact excavator market. This machine is equipped with the rock solid reliable V3307 Kubota diesel engine. This engine has been proven to be one of the most reliable engines Kubota has made. This article will provide you with the Kubota KX080-4 filter cross reference charts needed to easily purchase aftermarket filters.

Kubota branded filters are made by Fleetguard, Donaldson and WIX. Kubota pays these manufacturers to put the Kubota stamp on them. Purchasing a high quality aftermarket filter is not only cheaper than OEM, but also equal or better on the performance side. With all the advances in filter manufacturing, the brand of filter you use is much less important than simply changing it on time. Changing oil and filters at the correct intervals is the single most important part of maintenance on your KX080.

Kubota KX080-4 Filter Cross Reference

Kubota KX080-4 Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota #HH1C032430 (Check Price: Kubota HH1C032430 Oil Filter) crosses to:

The Kubota KX080-4 oil capacity is 2.6 gallons of 15w40. The top rated oil we recommend for use in the KX080-4 is Rotella T6. The OEM Kubota Oil and Rotella T5 are great second options as well, at a bit lower price point.

Kubota KX080-4 Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #R141164930 crosses to:

Recommended Hydraulic Fluid: Kubоtа Super Udt2 Trans-Hydraulic Fluid One Gallon

Kubota KX080-4 Outer Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #5980026110 crosses to:

Kubota KX080-4 Inner Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours):

OEM Kubota #3A11119130 crosses to:

Kubota KX080-4 Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #HHV0051920 crosses to:

Kubota KX080-4 Filter Kit on Amazon (All Filters):

There are several filter kits on the market that include all the filters to perform regular maintenance on your KX080. These kits can usually be a better deal than purchasing filters individually. We prefer the CFKit brand, they use all Fleetguard, Donaldson and WIX filters. There are several kits out there using unbranded low quality Chinese filters. Stick with CFKit and ensure you are getting quality filters. Here’s the best value CFkit on the market: Kubota KX080-4 Full Filter Kit

Hopefully this post has made it easy to find aftermarket filters for your excavator. Kubota KX080-4 filter cross reference information is tough to track down. Keeping up with regular maintenance on your Kubota will keep it running for a long, long time. Thanks for reading and supporting our site!

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