Who Really Makes Kubota Oil? Ashland/Valvoline (for now)

For years the question of “Who really makes Kubota branded oil?” has been asked on different forums and discussion boards. Before we get further, if you weren’t aware Kubota doesn’t make their own oil. Deere or Case or CAT don’t either. There’s never much of a consensus reached on these discussions. Usually it comes down to rumors of Valvoline being the manufacturer, or that the manufacturer changes based on who bids the lowest to Kubota.

So who really makes Kubota oil then?

The reality is both of those conclusions are probably true. I can’t definitively say who made Kubota oil in the past, but here’s what we know at this very point in time:

Who makes Kubota Oil?

Kubota-branded engine oil is manufactured by both Ashland Oil and Valvoline, depending on viscosity and container size (ie quarts vs gallon jugs). Their UDT and UDT-2 hydraulic fluid is the same situation. Ashland Oil wasn’t a household name to me at first, but a little digging will reveal they are actually the parent company of Valvoline.

Where did you find the proof?

Since it’s a legal requirement to make safety data sheets (SDS’s or MSDS’s) readily available to consumers, our answers to the origins of expensive orange labeled oil can be found of Kubota’s website. This page, https://www.kubotausa.com/service-support/safety/safety-data-sheets lists all the different lubricants, coolants and cleaners carrying the Kubota brand and SDS’s for each. If you click on the specific oil or fluid (or even grease) you are curious about it will open a PDF file of the SDS and it will list the manufacturer of origin. Hope this helps clear up some of the mystery behind this long debated topic!

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