John Deere 790 Oil Filter Cross Reference Info

Last updated: 9/22/2022 The John Deere 790 is one of the most solid and reliable utility tractors ever made. With minimal electronics, no computers, and no emission systems, there is very little to go wrong on these tractors. There is a reason that these tractors in good condition sell for as much or more than they did when they were new. The John Deere 790 tractor was manufactured from 1999-2007. This is one of those rare tractors that will probably still be used 50 years after it was first manufactured, much like the 4020. Using our John Deere 790 oil filter cross reference info to properly maintain your tractor will ensure it will stay running great for years.

John Deere 790 Oil Filter Cross Reference

The 790 is equipped with a rock solid 27hp Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine that is easy to work on. This engine has been proven to run for thousands and thousands of hours if given the proper maintenance. Cleaning/changing the air filter and regular oil and filter changes are the two most important things you can do to maintain your 790. Changing the oil and filters not only saves money on dealer labor charges, but you can save a ton on the cost of filters. The John Deere 790 filter cross reference info we provide below will allow you to easily find aftermarket filters to maintain your tractor.

John Deere 790 Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM M806419 (John Deere OEM M806419 on Amazon) crosses to:

The oil capacity of the John Deere 790 is 4.2qt of 10w40 or 15w-40 diesel engine oil. John Deere oil is pretty good, but it’s also expensive, and they don’t make their own. The big lube oil companies (Shell, Mobil 1, etc) make oil under contract for JD and stamp the logo on the bottle. In our opinion you can get oil that is tested to even higher specs than John Deere for a similar price, or sometimes cheaper.

For this engine we recommend a high quality synthetic blend or full synthetic oil. If you switch from conventional oil in these Yanmar engines you will be shocked with how much cleaner the oil is when you change it. If you decide to spend a little more on full synthetic you can safely go a little longer between oil changes. Either option is a good choice. Rotella T5: Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1 Gallon, Case of 3) Rotella T6: Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon, Case of 3)

John Deere 790 Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OUTER: OEM John Deere M131802 (John Deere OEM M131802 on Amazon) crosses to:

INNER: OEM John Deere M131803 (John Deere OEM M131803) crosses to:

John Deere 790 Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 400 hours or annually):

OEM M801101 (John Deere OEM M801101 Fuel Filter on Amazon) crosses to:

John Deere 790 Transmission/Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM RE27284 (John Deere OEM RE27284 on Amazon) crosses to:

John Deere 790 Oil Change Kit(John Deere Filter and Oil):

John Deere 790 Oil and Filter Pack: John Deere Original Equipment Oil Change Kit Filter and Oil – (1) M806419 + (6) Quarts 15W-40

  • Includes an OEM JD M806419 Oil Filter, and 6 quarts of John Deere 15w40 oil

This kit is a pretty good value if you just need an oil change. Although you can buy an OEM filter and non John Deere branded oil cheaper, this kit is great for the convenience factor. You will have extra oil left over, make sure not to overfill if using this kit.

Hopefully this article provided you with enough John Deere 790 oil filter cross reference information to save some money while maintaining your tractor. Take care of that 790 by keeping up on oil and filter changes and it will pay you back by running great for years. Remember that John Deere filters are just rebranded aftermarket filters. You don’t need to buy expensive filters or oil at the dealership to maintain your tractor. John Deere 790 cross references aren’t easy to find, so we hope you found this information useful.

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