Kubota M7060 Oil Filter Cross Reference Info

Last updated: 9/22/2022 The Kubota M7060 is one of the most popular utility tractors in the 70hp range. It is a direct competitor to the John Deere 5065E and 5075E. The M7060 excels at loader work, with it’s tight turning radius and heavy lifting capacity. There are thousands of these tractors being used daily on farms all across the country. This Kubota M7060 oil filter cross reference guide will provide you the information needed to purchase high quality aftermarket filters for your tractor.

Kubota M7060 Oil Filter Cross Reference

There aren’t any tractor manufacturers in the US that make their own filters. Kubota (like John Deere) pays a company like Fleetguard to manufacture a filter stamped with the Kubota brand on it. It isn’t always Fleetguard; it could be Donaldson, Wix, Baldwin, or a handful of other manufacturers. Our point is, don’t be afraid to use an aftermarket filter in your Kubota, because in reality it already is an aftermarket filter. That being said, not all aftermarket filters are created equal. We wouldn’t list a Fram filter here just because it “technically” is compatible. Kubota filters from the dealership are extremely expensive, and a high quality aftermarket filter will match or exceed OEM performance. The Kubota M7060 filter cross reference tables below only contain part numbers that are high quality and reasonably priced.

Kubota M7060 Engine Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota HH1C032430 (Check Price: Kubota HH1C032430 Oil Filter) crosses to:

The engine oil capacity of the Kubota M7060 is 12.7 quarts or roughly 3.2 gallons of 15w40 or 10w30. The oils we recommend for the M7060 are Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend and Rotella T6 Full Synthetic. Kubota oil is fine, its just extremely overpriced. Kubota doesn’t make their own oil, they have one of the big oil companies put a Kubota label on their jug. If you are a person who religiously follows oil change hour intervals, a synthetic blend like Rotella T5 will work perfectly. On the other hand if you tend to go past the recommended oil change hour thresholds, we strongly recommend a full synthetic like T6. It’s a little more money, but a lot cheaper than an engine.

Kubota M7060 Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 500 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota #HHTA037710 crosses to:

Hydraulic Fluid Recommended:

Kubota M7060 Outer Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 500 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota #5980026110 crosses to:

Kubota M7060 Inner Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 500 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota #3A11119130 (Check Price: OEM KUBOTA FILTER INNER (AIR) 3A111-19130) crosses to:

Kubota M7060 Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 500 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota #1J800-43170 (Check Price: OEM KUBOTA FUEL FILTER 1J800-43170) crosses to:

Kubota M7060 Full Filter Kit on Amazon (All Filters):

If the thought of all these part numbers makes your head spin, CFKit has you covered. They have an all in one package with all the filters you need to do a complete overhaul, at a great price. Often times this full kit is the same price as buying just a couple filters separately. This kit uses high quality Donaldson, Wix and Fleetguard filters and is guaranteed to fit the M7060 perfectly: Check Price: CFKIT Full Filter Kit for Kubota M7060

We hope you found this guide useful when maintaining your Kubota. We strive to provide the most comprehensive Kubota M7060 filter cross reference information available on the net. Proper maintenance at the correct hour intervals is the best way to protect the investment you made into your tractor.

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