Kubota L3901 & L3301 Filter Cross Reference Info

Last updated 10/3/23 The Kubota L3901 and L3301 are the bigger brothers to the very popular L2501. With more horsepower than the L2501, the L3901 and L3301 are more capable of pulling power hungry attachments. The only real difference in the L3301 and the L3901 is horsepower, and they actually use the same engine, the 3301 is just slightly de-rated to decrease it’s horsepower output. This means that both models use the same filters.

L3301 Oil Filter Cross Reference

No tractor manufacturer in the United States actually makes their own filters, they have filter companies like Fleetguard make them. Many OEM Kubota filters are in fact Fleetguard filters stamped with the Kubota name. In our experience, you can often save money on filter changes (without sacrificing any performance or reliability) by using a high quality aftermarket filter like a Fleetguard, Donaldson or Baldwin filter. Using the Kubota L3901/L3301 filter cross reference part numbers in this guide, you can easily compare the cost of OEM filters vs. aftermarket filters. If the OEM Kubota filter is close in price to the aftermarket filter, sticking to a Kubota filter is your best bet. But most of the time you will find significant savings with aftermarket options. In the end the brand of your filter is MUCH less important than changing them at the correct amount of hours. On to the L3901/L3301 filter cross reference tables:

Kubota L3301/L3901 Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota HH164-32430 (Kubota HH164-32430 Filter on Amazon) crosses to:

The Kubota L3301 and L3901 oil capacity is 7.1 quarts of 15w40. The best oil you can use to protect your tractor is Rotella T6. It is a full synthetic and consistently comes in at the top of oil comparison wear tests. At one point in time Chevron manufactured Kubota branded oil, right now its really hard to tell who actually makes it.

Since these newer machines have DPF filters it is EXTREMELY important to use an oil that meets CK4 API spec. If you have old CJ4 spec oil laying around it should not be used with a machine that has a DPF filter. Rotella T6 is DPF safe and is CK4. New Kubota oil meets CK4 spec as well, and would be my 2nd choice for oil. Here are a couple that we recommend: Check Price: Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon, Case of 3) or Kubota 1 Gallon Genuine OEM SAE 15W-40 Engine Oil

Kubota L3301/L3901 Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #HH3A0-82623 (Check Price: Kubota OEM HH3A0-82623) crosses to:

Hydraulic Fluid Recommended:

Kubota L3301/L3901 Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #TA04093230 (Check Price: Kubota OEM Air Filter, TA040-93230) crosses to:

Kubota L3301/L3901 Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #1J800-43170 (Check Price: Kubota Fuel Filter 1J800-43170) crosses to:

Kubota L3301/L3901 Hydrostat HST Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #HHK70-14070 (Check Price) crosses to:

Kubota L3301/L3901 Filter Kit (All Filters):

If you just want an all in one package that covers all your filters, CFKit has one that is a pretty good value. This kit uses Donaldson filters, and is often cheaper than purchasing filters separately. Here’s the best deal we could find for the kit: Full Filter Kit For Kubota L3301HST & L3901HST on Amazon

We hope you found this guide helpful for servicing your L3301 or L3901 tractor. Kubota filter cross reference info is hard to find all in one place, which is part of the reason we created this site. We get it, they want to sell overpriced OEM filters and shop labor hours at the dealership. But doing it yourself helps you learn more about how your machine works and gives you the peace of mind that the maintenance is done right. Thanks for reading!

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