Kubota BX2380 Filter Cross Reference Info

The Kubota BX2380 is one of the most popular sub compact tractors on the market. There are a wide variety of available attachments that make this machine a versatile small farm or acreage tractor. The BX2380 comes equipped with the reliable D902 Kubota engine. This liquid cooled 3-cylinder diesel puts out about 22hp. The D902 engine is extremely easy to maintain and is capable of many thousands of hours working life when properly maintained. Kubota BX2380 filter cross reference info can be difficult to track down and here’s why:

Kubota branded filters can be expensive and are high profit margin items for dealerships to sell. Posting BX2380 oil filter cross reference charts would be bad for business. The truth is Kubota doesn’t make filters. Neither does John Deere. They simply pay one of the major filter manufacturers to make filters with a Kubota stamp on them. In our experience Fleetguard is pretty commonly the manufacturer of Kubota oil filters and Donaldson for air filters. This isn’t always the case though. Using a high quality aftermarket filter in your BX2380 tractor not only saves you money, but is more often than not, the exact same filter.

Kubota BX2380 Filter Cross Reference

Kubota BX2380 Oil Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours or annually):

OEM Kubota HH150-32430 (Kubota HH150-32430 Filter on Amazon) crosses to:

The Kubota BX2380 oil capacity is 3.5 quarts of 15w40 or 10w40. The top performing oils you can use in your BX2380 are Royal Purple and Rotella T6. The OEM Kubota oil and Rotella T5 aren’t far behind in terms of performance. A full synthetic oil will give you the best protection and is recommended if you tend to go longer between changes. A synthetic blend like Rotella T5 will perform well under diligent oil changes. Here’s the best deal we could find on a case of Royal Purple: Royal Purple 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil 1 qt. (Case of 6) Here’s the current best deal on OEM Kubota oil: Kubota 1 Gallon Genuine OEM SAE 15W-40 

Kubota BX2380 Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #HHK20-36990 (Check Price: Kubota OEM HHK20-36990 OIL FILTER) crosses to:

Recommended Hydraulic Fluid: Check Price on Kubоtа Super Udt2 Trans-Hydraulic Fluid One Gallon

Kubota BX2380 Air Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #K1211-82320 (Check Price: Kubota OEM Air Filter, K1211-82320) crosses to:

Kubota BX2380 Fuel Filter Cross Reference (Every 200 hours):

OEM Kubota #12581-43012 (Kubota 12581-43012 Fuel Filter on Amazon) crosses to:

Kubota BX2380 Filter Kit on Amazon (All Filters):

If you are looking for a convenient way to get all the filters needed for a full BX2380 filter change, there are a few kits on the market. This CFKit has high quality Donaldson and Wix filters which are extremely reliable. These kits are often cheaper than purchasing the filters individually. Here’s the best value aftermarket kit on the market: Kubota BX2380 Tractor Full Filter Kit

We hope this article makes it a little easier to maintain your tractor. Kubota BX2380 filter cross reference charts are hard to find. The important thing to remember with tractor maintenance isn’t which brand is better than another. It’s all about being diligent in changing oil and filters. If you change them at the proper intervals, your tractor will pay you back by running well for years to come. Thanks for reading and supporting our site!

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